Hello!! I will be uploading some pics on the topic… I will also collect information and interact with various sites connected to the topic "Endangered Spieces"..
our main aim to choice this topic was to make thepeople aware about decreasind percentage of animals mainly th tigers, white elephants, eagle and many other..
the people are not concerned with the decreasing percentage of animals and our main motive is that only to make the people wke up!!!!!!!!!
you acn see the decreasing precentage by the following map and graph..

Graph of the endangered species in different countries and continents

Endangered species are creatures that are at risk of becoming extinct. That means they could some day disappear! That happens because they are at risk of dying out or threatened by the changing environment. Not only are animals at risk but plant life is also at risk.

In the last 150 years we have had a higher rate of extinction and we believe it could be due to the changes on earth. Not only do species become extinct or endangered for natural causes, but for a number of other reasons. The primary cause is the destruction of habitat by human activities.

These activities are:

Over exploitation of the species by hunting
Over population and overbuilding which takes away their natural habitat
Pollution threatens their natural habitat and food supply
The animal trade for illegal wildlife and for valuable items such as Ivory
Some governments have made special laws to protect animals, such as hunting laws and building laws. They are also are making an effort to construct natural preserves for creatures to live in. Perhaps you have been to a nature preserve near you?

There are too many plants and animals on the endangered species list for us to list them all—They vary by category, state, country, and region of the world.



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